Every child was born for a reason. The heart-breaking fact that many of these children will never be adopted and so spend their entire childhood—and for many, adulthood—in an institution, causes us to want to make a change. Started in December 2016, Bring Me Sunshine set forth a plan to build the first team of ten California volunteers, mostly high schoolers, to provide free, fun and educational camps for orphans in two Chinese orphanages. That summer, the children in the orphanages had the most fun in their lives. Our volunteers came back with a heart and spirit filled with love and compassion to go back and to do more. Bring Me Sunshine continues to build relationships with local charities who have official access to orphans in need. Our goal is to reach out to children in Romania and Uganda in the future as well. 

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Dedicated to love and educate Chinese orphans

It is estimated that 140 million children worldwide are orphans (UNICEF), of which 85% are without education. Despite the great advancement in economics and technology, this number has not changed for 30 years.



The winter of 2002, Lance Yang Bauer was abandoned in a Shanghai apartment complex stairway at about three months old.

He was adopted by his American-Chinese parents at age one. Today, he is a happy senior at Stevenson High School in California.

Lance focuses on playing his violin, and enjoys international travel, and history—especially ancient civilizations.

HELEN (LIUYI) YANG: Recruiting

The day of her birth, Helen Yang was left on the sidewalk in front of the Bao’an People’s Hospital (Shenzhen, Guangdong, China), where she was discovered and consequently taken to the Shenzhen Social Welfare Center.


Just weeks later, Helen’s smile made a big impression on a volunteer who facilitated a trip to the hospital for Helen to have treatment of an infection in her lungs and liver. Afterwards, she went home with the volunteer, who became her new adoptive mother.


Later on, her adoptive parents started the first charity school, “Sunshine Academy,” in Helen’s orphanage.  Helen today is a senior at Stevenson High School in California, and a passionate soccer player.


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Lance Bauer: Co-founder, Director of Recruiting
Helen Yang: Co-founder, Director of Fundraising

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